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the Best Tacos in Sarasota

What makes our claim to the best tacos in Sarasota to be true? Simply, we use fresh, authentic methods and ingredients. Our handmade masa tacos range from classic standards to new and creative culinary innovations. Add to that, a great selection of Mexican and craft beers to make your meal complete.


Pop in and try what your mouth's been missing!



From the juicy and tasty al pastor pulled right from the classic Trompo, to our "Florida Man" taco featuring alligator loin, our tacos can't be beat.


Authentic Ingredients

We import heirloom blue corn varieties sourced from Mexico to make nixtamal that’s much more nuanced and deeply flavored than nixtamal made from widely-available (industrially farmed) white maize.  




Invented by the Aztec and Maya civilizations, nixtamalization is a process that has been key to culture in Mesoamerica since at least 1500 to 1200 BCE.  We then grind into masa, the dough from which tortillas are made.

Prepping the Meats

We take great care with getting each piece of meat prepared, cooked, and into the masa tacos. No dry, overcooked meats here!

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Bringing the Flavor

Using a classic Trompo, we stack the meat in the proper tradition of al pastor, then slowly add to the flavor.



What would amazing tacos be without a cold, delicious beer to wash them down? We have an excellent selection of Mexican and craft beers to pair perfectly with your meal.

Beer and Tacos in Sarasota from Island House Taqueria
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2773 Bee Ridge Rd
Sarasota, FL 34239

OPEN DAILY 11Am - 10Pm
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